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The Good Reading Habits Tag

I’ve been a bit out of it the last few days, trying to cope with the Beaker’s passing and whatnot. It still doesn’t feel real to me sometimes. I keep looking behind me or at the foot of the bed, expecting my little shadow to be there with me. But he’s not there. 😦

I was forced to stay home all day yesterday, due to the snowy weather. As much as I hate being cooped up, it’s given me the opportunity to catch up on reading and all your blog posts. Since we’re playing catch up…

Lovely miss Ally came up with her own tag recently! We’ve all done plenty of tags about our bad reading habits, so Ally switched it up and created the Good Reading Habits tag. I’m not going to lie, I actually had a hard time thinking of what to put here. (It’s always easier to focus on the flaws, isn’t it?)



  • Pingback to Ally’s original post
  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
  • Nominate some of your blogging friends

My Good Reading Habits

  • Consistency – I’m pretty consistent with my reading habits. I go to the bookstore every single day on my lunch break and spend an hour reading. Then, in the evening, once I’m done doing stuff around the house, I curl up with my book until it’s time to fall asleep. (I can squeeze extra reading time in on the weekends.) I feel like I get more reading done by sticking to a regular schedule.
  • Utilizing Goodreads – I love Goodreads. Not only does it help me keep track of which books I’ve read, but it helps me find new books, make lists, see what others are reading, etc. Goodreads helps me stay organized and helps me figure out what books I should read next.
  • Taking Advice from Other Readers – One of the reasons I love the book blogging community is all the recommendations! There have been quite a few books I didn’t think I’d enjoy that I read solely on the recommendations of other bloggers. Much to my surprise, some of those books have become favorites.

I Tag

Whit Reads LitBionic Book WormStoreys of StoriesKristin Kraves Books, and anyone else who wants to participate.