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Ice Cream Blues

I realized today that it’s been some time since I last posted anything. I’m not sure if my last few posts even count, as most of them weren’t book-related or terribly interesting. I’ve been in a bit of funk for weeks now – not super depressed, but just depressed enough that I don’t have much desire to do things I normally enjoy. I’ve been reading, but it’s taking me forever to finish the books that I start. I keep telling myself that I should try to blog or write, but my stupid brain always leads me back to the same question each time: “Why bother?” (Hello, Negative Nancy, so nice for you to stop by and visit a while.) I’ve been feeling quite lonely lately, as well. The people I used to be close to have all moved away and the few friends I still have here I am not particularly close with, or they just never seem to have time for me. While I normally prefer to do things on my own for the most part, lately I keep finding myself wishing I had some other people to do things with, even if it’s only on occasion. This past weekend I took a short trip by myself. I did my best to enjoy myself and did all my usual activities – exploring, checking out the local bookstores, and eating lots of yummy things – but the whole time I kept feeling like something was missing, like I would have really enjoyed having a travel buddy with me for once.

On top of all that I managed to injure myself over the weekend. I’m not sure whether it’s a stress fracture, a sprain, or what (I’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow), but I managed to mess up my foot from all the walking I did on my trip. Having to lay around all week with my foot elevated and shooting pain whenever I try to walk really hasn’t been doing much to brighten my spirits, believe it or not.

I don’t have a happy note to end this on. I just wanted you guys to know that I’m hanging in there and that I’m still here. I thought about writing this post earlier in the week, but even that felt like too much effort, especially considering the entire time my brain has been trolling me and telling me that nobody wants to hear about my problems anyway. *sigh*

Thank you, as always, for being here. I appreciate you all. ❤

(Since I don’t have any book-related things to talk about, I offer you this delicious picture of some taiyaki ice cream. Because ice cream helps make everything better.)

14 thoughts on “Ice Cream Blues

  1. Well matey, I want to hear about yer problems if ye want to talk about them. I miss yer posts while ye be gone and love even the random updates. I am sorry to hear that ye be in a funk. As much as me introverted self doesn’t like people, there does come a time periodically when I need people. Social creatures underneath the evolution. Have ye gone back to cat yoga? Or do ye belong to an in-person book club? It is amazing that ye managed to go on a short trip by yerself when in a mild depression. Activity does help even when it seems like there is no energy to do it. Stay strong. Continue to be awesome. Survive!! Arrr!
    x The Captain

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    1. Thanks, I’m trying, but it’s hard. I’ve gone to cat yoga a few times now. I’d go every week if I could, but it can be a little expensive. Since I can’t do yoga at the moment because of my stupid foot, I was thinking of stopping by this weekend to just visit the kitties anyway.


    1. Taiyaki is the fish shaped cone part. It’s an Asian dessert that is traditionally filled with red bean filling, custards, etc. Now they make them into cones. This one I had was filled with red bean paste and Thai milk tea ice cream. It was so amazing!


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