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How You Doin’?


This have been rough lately. Two people that I know passed away last week, both somewhat unexpectedly. My heart aches for the families and people affected by the loss of both individuals. It’s a very discouraging feeling when you want to help someone who’s grieving, but there’s little you can do other than say “I’m here for you.”

On top of such heavy news, the weight of my own personal issues have been dragging me down quite a bit. My mood has been pretty low lately – the familiar feelings of loneliness, anger, and insecurity brought on by depression settling in the cracks that they had temporarily vacated. As always, my eating disorder likes to sneak appearances in, as well, particularly when (or because) I’m already down. Every morning he rears his ugly little face out from the folds within my closet, or at the edge of the mirror, and whispers nasty things in my ear that make me feel horrible about my appearance and my worth as a human being.



It hasn’t all been bad, I guess. I went to cat yoga a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I plan on going back either this week or next and incorporating it into my regular repertoire. I’ve also been working on a new routine for a dance show that’s coming up soon and planning for my solo Spring/Summer trips. Of course, I’ve also been playing around in the kitchen, experimenting with new foods and recipes. There have been multiple trips to the Asian market recently, so I could find new ingredients to play with and to feed my obsession with steamed buns and mochi ice cream.

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How YOU doin’ this week? What are you currently reading or working on?

8 thoughts on “How You Doin’?

  1. I read this and can empathise to a degree. I’m sorry the D is trying to mess with you at the moment. It’s such an asshole. I’m sorry things are hard. While I don’t know you, I can honestly say your depression is a liar and it can’t be trusted. I hope that you come through unscathed.

    On a lighter note, I’ve never eaten steamed buns in my life but they look amazing and now I want to try them. Are they like dumplings? Because I want to try them as well. I say that but probably never will lol.
    And cat yoga sounds like literal heaven!!! There is a place near me that does puppy yoga every now an then. It’s organised by a dog rescue, the teacher donates their time and all of the fees goes to the care of the puppies. It’s such a cool idea. I keep promising myself i’m going to go, but new things and I don’t really get along.

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    1. Omg you should totally go to puppy yoga! That sounds amazing. Cat yoga has been fun. The cats sit on your mat and climb all over you while you’re there. It’s hilarious.

      The Chinese steamed buns are really good. They’re like a dumpling, but the outer part of doughier and sweeter. I’ve been experimenting with my own versions at home lately. Some have been good, some not so good. The purple sweet potato ones I get from the Asian market are amazing! 🙂


    1. The cats totally climb on/under you while you’re doing the yoga. It’s hilarious. It’s probably not for people who are super into yoga. but as someone who only does it occasionally, I find it fun.


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