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I Think I Stress Ate My Motivation

Greetings, earthlings (and non-earthlings)! How is everyone doing on this gloomy, rainy Wednesday? Is anyone else stress snacking on Halloween candy at their desk at the moment?


This week is turning out to be a stressful one. I was forced to take part in an event yesterday that made me incredibly anxious and feeling like garbage the rest of the day. On top of that, I have a dance show coming up this weekend that I’m stressing over. Le sigh. Hopefully once the show is over I’ll calm down a little bit.

I feel like I haven’t been posting as much on the blog lately, which I apologize for. For some reason, I’ve been having a hard time finding the inspiration for posts and even for my own book. I’m still making progress on the book, but it’s definitely slowed down a bit. I’ve been lazy after I get home from work at night, opting to binge watch The Great British Baking Show, or just read. Even when I want to sit down and write, the task itself feels too exhausting. Maybe I’m just trying to do too much lately and am burning myself out. Or maybe it’s a symptom of my depression, messing with me. Either way, I always get a bit worried when this happens. If I’m not writing all the time I panic that it’s because I’m losing my ideas/creativity/writing skills/whatever. My brain is like “Well, clearly you suck at this and it was all just a fluke that you even got this far. Now you’ll never get any of that momentum back.” Because obviously, the world is very black or white like that…

In happier news, I’ve moved on to the next Halloween read that was on my list. I haven’t gotten too far in yet, so I can’t say whether it’s good or not. I feel like fans of the movie would enjoy it though, even if it’s just for the nostalgia.





8 thoughts on “I Think I Stress Ate My Motivation

  1. I feel your stress lady. Work has been a bear as of late, hence my lack of posting as well. Not to mention physical pain (have a doc appt this afternoon for it). I haven’t been reading, writing, or eating much either. Can’t sleep etc.. but you don’t need to hear about it.

    Break a leg on your show (provided Himacane Michael doesn’t swamp ya’ll again).


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    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been stressed as well. 😦 Stress is no fun. Neither is physical pain! I hope the doctor’s appointment goes well and you find some way to decompress soon. If you need to chat, you know where I am. ❤

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  2. Read more, stress less, though that’s easier said than done. Hopefully you’ll find the balance, and if not, binge watch more baking shows. And, btw, we did the same thing with the great British baking show too. Glorious fun! 😉

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