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Kiersten’s Guide to Hurricane Survival



Step 1: Yell “Fuck!” because you woke up and the power is out.

Step 2: Stare out the window for a while and comment on what’s happening outside.

Step 3: Take a walk around the neighborhood, because it’s just a little water and everyone is being a pansy.

Step 4: Cook lunch on the grill. (You can keep your pre-packaged junk and milk sandwiches.)

Step 5: Read, while intermittently staring out the window.

Step 6: Rejoice because the power is back on!

Step 7: Drive to bookstore, because you’re going stir crazy.

Step 8: Drink coffee, read books, and enjoy having at least one part of your normal routine stay the same.

Step 9: Bake a cake, because you still have power and this might be your only chance.

Step 10: Go to bed and hope the power is still on tomorrow morning.


Step 1: Wake up. Power is still on (yay), so you make coffee.

Step 2: Decide you’re tired of sitting around the house, so you brave the rain and drive to your favorite coffee shop.

Step 3: Drink allll the caffeine while you work on your book.

Step 4: Drive home, super caffeinated and ready to get shit done.

Step 5: Get mad at everyone because they won’t stop talking about the weather and you’re over it.

Step 6: Stand in your yard and yell “Hurricane schmurricane!” while getting pummeled with rain.

Step 7: Read some more.




9 thoughts on “Kiersten’s Guide to Hurricane Survival

    1. We’ve gotten a ton of rain and wind. A lot of people in Charlotte are without power still. We kinda just got lucky. A tree branch fell on the wires at the end of the street, but they came and fixed it pretty quickly. I saw a lot of trees down and a little flooding this morning on my way to the coffee shop, but it’s not nearly as bad as they were making it out to be. Apparently it’s a different story on the coast though. :-\

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      1. Yeah, we saw various coverage, and, I’m sure, they focus on the disasters rather than those who are doing okay. Better ratings on TV. Still, glad to hear you are okay your part of the country.

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  1. You left out the drink all the beer before it can get warm since you have no power. Followed by a quick trip to buy more beer (and maybe a bottle or two of a fine single malt).

    But glad you’re hanging tough. Since I grew up in Floriduh, and have now moved back, hurricanes are a common problem. Nothing we can’t handle.

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    1. When the power went out we put some of the beer in the cooler, along with a few of the other essentials. I mean, if you’re stuck inside all day you might as well have a drink.

      Growing up in New Jersey, I’m used to heavy snowstorms and Nor’easters. This is why I don’t panic every time someone mentions the word “storm.” If I lived on the coast I probably would’v been a bit more concerned though, because it sounds like they got hit pretty hard. I don’t know how you deal with it all the time.


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