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Bookish Wanderlusting: New Orleans, LA

Last time I talked about a place I was wanderlusting over, we talked about Portland, OR. (Ironically, I managed to plan a trip there after writing that post.) Today we’re going to lust after another city that I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time: New Orleans, LA.

When most people think of New Orleans, they probably think about bourbon and Mardi Gras beads. While the nightlife there abounds, there are plenty of offerings for those who love literature and other forms of art.


New Orleans houses several bookstores, including the famous Faulkner House Books (housed in the apartment where Faulker lived in 1925). There’s also Crescent City Books, Kitchen Witch (specializing in cookbooks), and Beckham’s Book Shop…to name a few.


There are also a few annual book festivals to attend, such as Book Lovers Con, Tennessee Willliams New Orleans Literary Festival, and Saints and Sinners (LGBT) Literary Festival.

You can even find literary influence at some of the restaurants and bars. Backspace Bar and Kitchen combines Creole food and literary-inspired cocktails.

There are plenty of other things to do in the Big Easy, if you don’t want to spend the whole time searching for literary influence. For example, you can tour the French Quarter with all it’s statues, antique shops, and well-known restaurants (Antione’s, anyone?). Or, you can attend a burlesque show (right up my alley!) or visit one of the many jazz clubs that line the city.


I don’t see myself spending a ton of time in New Orleans, but it’s definitely on my list of places to check out someday. If not for the beignets, alone. 😛


8 thoughts on “Bookish Wanderlusting: New Orleans, LA

  1. I enjoyed our trip to Na’lens (hopefully that’s close to how they say it). We took a walk through the garden district and saw Anne Rice’s house. Our hotel was on the corner of Bourbon Street, so we walked that strip several times. You’ll have a blast! And the food is so crazy good.

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