My Bad Reading Habits Tag

I’m getting behind on my tags again (*hands head in shame*), so let’s try to knock some out before a few more get thrown my way, shall we?

Kelly nominated me for the My Bad Reading Habits tag. Some of you will certainly be cringing as you read this, because I have some terrible habits when it comes to reading. Try not to judge me too harshly. 😉


Bad Habit #1: Giving Up on Books

I confess, I am one of those people who will quit a book halfway through if I’m not feeling it. When I was younger the thought of leaving a book unfinished would’ve killed me. Now, I’m much more likely to put a book down if I get bored. Ain’t nobody got time for boring books!

Bad Habit #2: Waiting Too Long to Read Certain Books

If there’s a book that everyone is talking about, insisting that it’s something I’ll enjoy, I’ll instantly put it on my TBR list. Then ignore it for like 4 months. Then, by the time I read said book I’m gushing over it and everyone’s like “What took you so long?” and they’ve all moved on to something else.

Bad Habit #3: Never Getting Rid of Books

Saying I never get rid of books is probably incorrect. It doesn’t happen very often though. Even if I enjoyed a book, but know I will most likely never read it again, I still have a hard time parting with it.


Bad Habit #4: Obsessing Over Organization

My shelves have to be organized. Not by color either (which looks pretty, but is rather impractical). My books are organized by genre and then alphabetical by author. I have to be able to locate a book at all times…I’m realizing how OCD this post is making me sound.

Bad Habit #5: Dog Earing Pages

On occasion I will do a really tiny dog ear at the top of a page to remind myself to go back and look at something. It’s just a tiny one, I swear. 😛

Bad Habit #6: Buying Books Because They’re On Sale

I don’t need more books. I have so many already. Plenty that I haven’t even read yet. If a book that’s on my TBR list is on sale though (or there’s a coupon involved), I magically forget how many books I already own.

Your turn! Time to spill all your dirty secrets.

I nominate: Busy Bee Reads Beware of the Reader ~Whit Reads Lit ~ You, with the face


11 thoughts on “My Bad Reading Habits Tag

  1. I’m so with you on number 6. I have a huge habit of getting my hands on as many titles as possible just cause I love coming home with a new book even if it’s some dusty paperback from someone I never heard of.

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  2. i have the #1 problem too. if the book doesn’t grab my attention, i just put it aside. but i don’t pile my tbr list. i see a book i want, i give it all my attention. only when i’m done do i look at something else.

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    1. Same. It’s like having a shirt in your closet that you haven’t worn in years. You go to get rid of it and it’s like “Well, I mean, what if the right occasion arises?”

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