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How YOU Doin’? (The One Where I’m Going Stir Crazy)


It’s Monday again. The most dreaded of all days. (Unless you work in retail and today is probably the beginning of your “weekend.” If it is, good for you. Enjoy it. Go on out and party today, while the rest of us are slaving away behind our desks, wishing we could poke our eyes out with dull, eraser-less pencils.)

Boyfriend is on vacation with his family this week, so I was alone all weekend. It was the first weekend in over a year that I’ve had the house completely to myself. I was excited prior to his leaving, not because I wanted him to see him go, but because I thought I would enjoy getting to have some alone time at home. It turns out that having the house all to yourself gets kinda boring. Within the first 24 hours that he was gone I managed to clean and organize the entire house and now I don’t know what to do with myself. I suppose I’ll have to just read and write a ton this week.

I decided to take a little road trip to Asheville today to grab lunch and hit up Malaprops (one of my favorite bookstores). Check out what I got!

I’m super excited to finally read Children of Blood and Bone. I’ve heard some great things about it and was really intrigued by what Tomi had to say about it during one of the BookCon panels I attended. The other book is a compilation of short-stories inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Oops, how did that get there? That’s not a book. 😛 That giant slab of chocolate-peanut buttery goodness was definitely worth the drive though.

How was your weekend? Did you have any bookish adventures?


6 thoughts on “How YOU Doin’? (The One Where I’m Going Stir Crazy)

  1. I LOVE having the house to myself, it happens so rarely. When you get married and have kids you’ll understand😁 My hubby is taking the kids on a trip this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!

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    1. Oh I understand. Even though we aren’t married I live with Boyfriend. He has a daughter from his previous marriage and she’s here 50% of the time. Plus, we have 3 animals. It’s never quiet here. 😂 I hope you enjoy your time to yourself!


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