That Time I Saw Judy Blume


Boyfriend and I spent a few days in Key West recently to visit my best friend. (She used to live here in Charlotte, but then decided that she needed some better scenery. Boy, did she find it…)

Only a block away from where she lives is a little independent bookstore called Books & Books, owned by Judy Blume. Yes, the Judy Blume. You can tell how excited I was to visit such a cool little bookstore (and I actually saw Judy!), by the crazed look on my face below:

In addition to my trip (okay, fine, there were two trips) to the bookstore we did some walking around, shopping and watching all the tourist shenanigans. We kayaked, had cocktails at sunset on an old Coast Guard boat, visited the Hemingway house and all the polydactyl kitties, and ate…then ate some more. One of my favorite things about visiting Key West is getting to eat chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick. *drools*

(Pictured below is one of the sweet kitties that lives at the Hemingway museum/ cat sanctuary. Look at all his extra toes!)


It was a lovely couple of days. I wish we could have stayed longer.



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2 thoughts on “That Time I Saw Judy Blume

  1. Key West is so damn cool. Wifey and I have been there many times. Anything key lime is good. Did you get to see the “freaks” (and I call them that as proud freak myself) at Malrey Square (I may have the spelling wrong – I’m, as usual, a bit drunk)?

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