Black Cat Blue Sea Awards

The lovely miss Ally nominated me for the Black Cat Blue Sea Awards. I have no idea who created this award, but I love the name of it because it sounds somewhat nonsensical. Like, why would a black cat be out at sea? Cats don’t even like water. Unless it’s a pirate cat. OMG is it a pirate cat?! If I had a pirate cat I would name him ARRRRRnold.


The Rules:

  • Answer three questions posed to you by the person who nominated you
  • Ask three questions
  • Nominate up to 8 others

The Questions:

  • Are there any topics that make you automatically interested in a book? – Yessss. Magic, pirates, supernatural beings (faeries, mermaids, etc.), creepy old houses, cemeteries, and fairy tale retellings all grab my attention.
  • Favourite book you’d never admit is a favourite? – I can’t think of any that I am particularly embarrassed about. I typically avoid talking about middle grade books though when talking about favorites because people get weird about it.

“Wait, isn’t that a kid’s book?”


  • Are there any authors you’d never read anything from? Why? – Several, actually. Mainly because they write about topics I don’t enjoy, like erotica and religious fiction.

My Questions:

  • Is there any one topic or trope that instantly ruins a book for you?
  • What would be your ideal book crossover (Two unrelated books becoming part of the same universe)?
  • What is the most recent book you acquired?
  • Bonus Question: If you had a pirate cat, what would its name be?

My Nominees:

Bionic Book Worm

Reading With Rendz

Reading by the Moonlight

Book Princess Reviews

Jade Writes Books



People (Like you!)


8 thoughts on “Black Cat Blue Sea Awards

  1. Omg, I want pirate cat. I need to find a way to make all my cats pirate cats. One of my cats’ names is Jasper so JaspARGH more like it! And literally alllllllllll of those topics make me want to pick up a book as well – especially creepy old houses! And lol, I love your response to “Karen”. I feel like I always have to explain things to people about liking YA and middle grade. Like, PEOPLE, they’re amazing. Thank you so much for tagging me!! Wonderful post and answers!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JaspARGH! Omg I love it! My ex husband and I had a tiny pirate hat for our cat and she hated it. 😂

      I don’t know why so many people get judgy about YA and middle grade books. I feel like so many adult fiction books (especially general fiction) are lacking some of the substance and detail that young adult books have.


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