A Very Bookish Weekend

I used the last of the coffee to make my morning cup today…and then a bug flew in it. If that’s not the perfect way to describe a Monday then I don’t know what is.


So, how YOU doin’ today? Did you do any fun, bookish things over the weekend? I had a long weekend, so I was able to fit a lot of reading time in. I finished The Girl From Everywhere, started and finished Every Heart a Doorway (review coming soon!), and started This Savage Song. I also made some more progress on my own book. Overall, I would consider it a successful weekend. 🙂

There was one more bookish thing I did: I created a bookstagram page for my blog. If you’re on Instagram and like all-things books, give me a follow.


9 thoughts on “A Very Bookish Weekend

    1. Sadly, I spend more time on social media than I should. I’ve become somewhat unenamored with the whole Facebook thing this year though. Eventually I’ll probably just delete my personal account.

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  1. Followed 🙂

    I’ve been recently trying to up my #bookstagram game as well. It takes so much work to regularly, I’ve found it helps to dedicate a couple of hours each week and take a bunch of photos so that I have options for when the time comes to review a book. It’ll be great once I become more pedestrian and can take pics in the wild 😀


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