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Blogging Pros/Cons (and Holy Sh!t, 500 Followers!)

You know what day it is. The day of Mon. Most dreaded of all days (unless you work in retail, because this is probably the equivalent to Saturday for you).


So, how YOU doin’ today?

You see that look on those precious little faces? That is the look of shock and disbelief that this week my blog surpassed 500 followers. When I started this blog, I didn’t expect to get more than maybe 10-15 readers if I was lucky. My, how far we have come. ๐Ÿ˜Š In honor of this fantastic milestone, I’m going to share some of the pros and cons of blogging. (Remember, these are just observations based on what I’ve experienced in the last year and a half of doing this. You are entitled to your own opinions and are free to disagree with me.)

The Pros:

  • Interactions with fellow bloggers – Iย love getting to chat with others who share the same passion for books that I have. I have met some truly amazing and inspirational people through blogging (and not just book bloggers). Truthfully, I don’t feel like I have many close friends in my “real” life and people that I can talk about my interests with. Talking to other bloggers really fills that void for me. I view many of you as friends and I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with you. โค
  • Getting to talk about books whenever I want – I love talking about books. I’d talk about them all day long if I could, but sadly, I would probably lose my job if I did. My blog is the perfect outlet to get all my bookish thoughts out there.
  • It inspires creativityย – Having an excuse to write all the time (even if it’s just a book review) keeps my writing skills and creativity flowing. Since starting this blog I have started writing two books that I hopefully *fingers crossed* will finish and get published someday.
  • New opportunitiesย – The blog world is a great place to discover new opportunities and fun things: Book/author events (likeย BookCon!), new bookstores to check out, giveaways, etc.
  • So many new book recommendations! – Through reading all of your blogs I have discovered some amazing new books and authors that I might not have otherwise heard of. My TBR list has grown exponentially thanks to all of you.

The Cons:

  • So many new book recommendations! – My TBR list is getting a little out of hand.ย How am I possibly going to read all of this books? There aren’t enough hours in the day! Ahhhhhh.


Thank you to every single person who is reading this, follows my blog, and/or comments regularly. Without all of you I’d just be sitting here talking to myself like the mad woman in the attic.


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