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Favorite Books of 2018 (So Far)

“Wooooah, we’re halfway there”…Sorry, I just had a spontaneous Bon Jovi moment.

We are, in fact, about halfway through the year now. Close enough to it, anyway. This seems like a good time to do a mid-year check in in terms of my 2018 reading goals.

Goodreads Challenge: My goal is to read at least 40 books this year. As of yesterday, I’ve read 20. “Woooooah, we’re half…” Err, sorry. I swear I’m done. So far I’m doing pretty good with my goal.

Favorite Reads:

  • The Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab. (You can read my reviews herehere, and here)
  • Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
  • Robots vs. Fairies (Anthology)
  • To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo



17 thoughts on “Favorite Books of 2018 (So Far)

  1. Except for TKAK (read it, loved it) this whole thing is an extract of my TBR… Great idea for a post though. *silently slips post into pocket when no one is looking, then realizes everyone saw the attempted thievery, and runs*

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  2. I might be the only person who pretty much disliked to kill a kingdom. So much that I abandoned it and am not going to do a blog post. The world building rules didn’t make sense and it bothered me. Glad I borrowed that one and saved some loot. And surprisingly I have read nothing else on this list! Though the rest of the list is on the ports for plunder list. Just not high priority at the moment. Fun post!
    x The Captain


    1. I enjoyed To Kill a Kingdom for various reasons, but I do admit that it had some flaws. Despite them, I was still intrigued by the sirens and their world. It was definitely one of the better Little Mermaid re-tellings I’ve read.

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