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BookCon 2018

After three days of exploring the streets of New York City, I am finally back home in Charlotte. Honestly, I’m a little sad about this. I had such a good time this past weekend that I wasn’t quite ready to leave yet. There were so many more places I wanted to check it, so much food I wanted to eat! It’s okay though, because that means that I’ll just have more things to discover when I return next year.

I arrived in the city on Saturday and spent the day at the museum, plus doing some wandering around. I found some fantastic food places to check out, not just on Saturday, but the entire time I was there. My favorite food places were Gotham West Market (which is like a fancier version of a food court, with options like tacos, ramen, and dessert waffles), Bibble & Sip (a bakery that makes French pastries with Asian flair), and Rustic Table. I tried so many amazing food options while I was there. I forgot how much better the food is up there than it is in Charlotte!

Sunday was reserved for BookCon. I got there early so that I could attend one of the first panels of the day. (There were so many panels that sounded interesting. It was hard to pick only a few.) Just walking into the convention center gave me a rush of giddy excitement. It was easy to feel and see the excitement of everyone around me, too. It was an awesome feeling, just being around others who love and appreciate books on the same level that I do. I was finally among my people!

The first panel I attended, We Need Diverse Books, was my favorite. Authors Dhonielle Clayton, Tomi Adeyemi, Tracey Baptiste, Zoraida Córdova, Anna-Marie McLemore, and Rebecca Roanhose spoke about their own works and what diversity means within the magical worlds they created. From the standpoint of both a reader and a writer, I gained a lot from the panel and really enjoyed it.

In addition to the panels there was an autographing floor, booth after both of books and bookish merch for sale, giveaways, and workshops. I returnef to the air b&b that afternoon with a pretty sweet haul. Next year I’m just bringing an empty suitcase with me to fill with books!

The highlight of my day was when I got to meet one of my favorite authors, V.E. Schwab! She was so lovely! Not only did I get to meet her, but I got a signed copy of the ARC for City of Ghosts! You guys can’t even imagine how excited I was. (I also feel compelled to add that I did not act like a complete goober or say anything awkward when I met her. Yay.)

BookCon was even better than I hoped it would be. Next year I plan on attending both days, so I can check out more of the panels and take advantage of more author meet-and-greets. It was so nice to be surrounded by other bloggers, readers, and writers. I loved every second of it.

I came back home Monday evening, but not before making one last stop at a place I’ve always wanted to visit…

The Strand. The perfect ending to a perfect trip.

11 thoughts on “BookCon 2018

  1. The wife and I were talking tonight about making the trip next year, maybe flying in on Wednesday and staying through the weekend. Go to the Met, see a show, eat some food, and books.

    So how many books did you come home with?

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    1. You should do it! There’s so much to do in NYC that you can spend a whole week and feel like you barely saw anything.

      I came home with 6 books. I practiced a lot of self-restraint, mainly because I was traveling with a small carry on. Next year I’m bringing the extra suitcase, haha.

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    1. The only authors I formally met were VE Schwab and WL Hoffman. (He was a cool guy. I brought home a copy of his book for Boyfriend’s daughter.) I saw a handful of other authors around, but thye were either engaged in signings or I was too shy to say hello.

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  2. I am glad to hear ye had a great time! I lived in the city briefly and have only been back for short day visits since. I want to try the food places ye mentioned. Also the panel ye visited sounds awesome. I have enjoyed many of those books. And the Strand. Sigh. I need to visit again. I don’t know if I could survive a Con though. I don’t do crowds often. They make me want to run people through with me cutlass. At least on the streets it was easier to weave me way through people like a fish. Arrr!
    x The Captain

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