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Making the Jump


Sooo, I did it. I unsubscribed from counseling for now. To make the whole thing less terrifying, I keep reminding myself that I can go back whenever I want. It might not be necessary, but realistically I know that there’s a possibility I’ll freak out and need someone to talk to again, which is totally okay. There’s nothing wrong with needing help.

I’m still worried about it. To be honest, as soon as I clicked the “cancel” button I felt a wave of loneliness wash over me, like I lost a friend. In a way, I guess I did. Even though I was paying my therapist to listen to and support me, she still felt like a friend.

I appreciate all the words of encouragement and support that you guys left on my previous post. I know you’re right and that I am not alone and still have a place to vent when I need to. Thank you for that reminder and, as always, for being so awesome. ❤


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