Pervert Easter Bunnies

It’s been a hell of a Monday, guys and gals. We just finished our busiest and possibly most important day of the year at work. After weeks of preparations, extra hours, and people nagging me I am exhausted. Looking on the bright side, it’s over until next year! I would be celebrating right now, but instead I’m about to curl up with a book and probably pass out relax.

How’s everyone doing!? I hope you all had a nice weekend, whether you were celebrating Easter or not. I no longer celebrate Easter, but I do have an affinity for Reese’s eggs. Boyfriend and I may or may not have consumed 3 bags of them last month…🤷🏻‍♀️

Speaking of Easter, does anyone else have a mild fear of the Easter bunny? I had this recurring nightmare when I was a kid about a giant pink Easter bunny launching an attack on our house a la Godzilla. Fast forward twenty-something years and apparently I’m still unsettled by that dream. I learned this last week when the shadows in our bedroom made it look like there was a giant bunny creeping in the corner, like some big fluffy pervert. I woke up frequently throughout the night to make sure that he wasn’t going to get me. (He didn’t get me, but there’s always next time…)

Anyone else terrified of any childhood icons?


7 thoughts on “Pervert Easter Bunnies

      1. Well, who in their right mind (which I am not) would trust fragile eggs to an animal that hops? It just doesn’t make sense. Add in the entire Christian “Easter” (yet another pagan tradition they approatied) and, in my opinion the entire event is a bit creepy.

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