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Playing It Cool

Yesterday afternoon I went to Barnes & Noble during my lunch break, as I do almost every day. While I was there I had an interesting encounter with another customer, which I shared on Twitter. It went something like this:

Then, this happened:

NEIL GAIMAN LIKED MY TWEET. You guys know how much I love Neil and his books. The fact that he unexpectedly liked my tweet made me all giddy inside.

Naturally, I didn’t want to be a dork abut it or anything. You have to play it cool, ya know?

9 thoughts on “Playing It Cool

  1. Haha. I remember tweeting about Anansi Boys once and didn’t think anything of it. UNTIL I GOT A REPLY FROM NEIL answering me poking fun at a geographical error related to where I grew up :’) It was all in good humour though and he had a good come back xD

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