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Phantom Farters


You know what day it is. I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend. Did you read anything exciting this weekend?

I’m still working through Robots vs. Fairies. I was hoping to finish it by this weekend, but my mental health problems had other plans. (Thanks brain!) I’m still really enjoying the book and can’t wait to tell you about some of the fantastic stories in it.

On an unrelated note, my office smells like a giant fart right now. No, it wasn’t me. I’m pretty sure someone farted in my office and ran away when I wasn’t looking. People are so rude! As if Mondays weren’t a challenge on their own, now I have to deal with phantom farters, too.



What are you planning on reading this week? 

14 thoughts on “Phantom Farters

    1. I didn’t do it! Why would I give myself away on my own blog? If I was going to be all farty at work clearly I’d go in the break room to do it. Then nobody would’ve known who the culprit was, because there’s 35 other people here.

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      1. Well, I mean, you have to have some kind of plan in case the worst happens. Don’t pretend you’ve never laid awake at night worrying about where you should fart if you have to do it at work.


    1. Animals are so funny. As my dog has gotten older he’s gotten particularly good at clearing out a room. My kitten is also good at this. I’ll lay in bed with both of them at night and cover my head with the sheets to avoid the smell. Haha.

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