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The Vagina and Waffle Crisis


I’m riding the distance on the struggle bus this week. I’m still doubled over in pain from my medical ordeal the other day. Who knew that having part of your cervix scraped and cut out could hurt so much?! Ummm, me. That’s who. I suppose I should have realized that anything involving the terms “scraping” and “removal” and my vagina would be a nightmare. Silly me, I chose to believe the doctor on this one though, who lied and told me that there would just be a little cramping. She said I’d be absolutely fine the next day. Clearly, working with vaginas all day must make her hate them or something, because why else would you subject mine to such torture?

I hate that woman. And my vagina.

Um, needless to say, I’m having a shitty week. 😦 Between my lovely gynecological experience, the situation with my shoulder, and the stress over the next (non vag related) medical procedure that’s coming up, I’ve been a mess. There’s another social function coming up this weekend that I am somewhat dreading. Boyfriend is having a party at the house this weekend. Both the food and social aspect of it is giving me major anxiety. Perhaps this time I will get to throw something. (Fortunately, there will be mostly waffles and breakfast-y foods around, which is way easier to launch across the room than a rib roast.)

*Realizes that she’s talking about her vagina on the internet. Wonders if she should delete entire post*

Fuck it.



23 thoughts on “The Vagina and Waffle Crisis

  1. Yay!!! More flying food! But seriously, I hope you feel better very soon m’lady. While I have no experience in the particular procedure you had done, wifey has, and I know what she went through (took about 3 days total to get back to normal). Not to mention the rest the “female specific” procedures she’s been through. But I know you’ll pull through. I get the feeling you’re a lot stronger than you think (yeah I know – I get told that all the time too. Still don’t really believe it.) Peace and strength to you my friend.

    P.S. Waffles make excellent frisbees, just ask my granddaughters.

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    1. Thank you. I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure I’ll be fine once all of this stuff is over. I’m just frustrated and tired at the moment. Le sigh.

      Waffles also fit very nicely in the VCR. We learned this when my niece was little. Sadly, we don’t have a VCR at the house anymore. Maybe I can find somewhere else to hide the waffles. 🙂

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  2. Hhhmm! Did you not comment on my book tag earlier, which by the way had very refined answers!😂 About not knowing which answer was the worst and you go and use vagina in the post title!😂

    Sniggers at vag in the post too. Obviously, it’s not a funny post but seeing that abbreviated term that UK people dislike amused me.

    Ha, it won’t hurt, you’ll be fine, it’ll only take a minute! Dr lingo that transcends languages and countries and is universal BS wherever it is heard!

    You missed a trick though and should have used c#nt in the post! An awesome word guaranteed to make people cringe!😂

    I know you can search for keywords in the WordPress reader to find posts and blogs of interest. I wonder if there’s people who search for vagina as a keyword?! Hhhmm… could get lots of new followers and comments, hell, it could be your most popular post yet!😂

    Sounds like a tough time, hopefully things work out for you. If you end up throwing stuff then simply put you do, we all need an outlet at times and if that’s what you need to do then do it – just remember you might have to clean up the mess afterwards.

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    1. I’m almost afraid to see what kinds of people start showing up on my blog now that I’m talking about vaginas, lol. There are so many other colorful terms I could have used in addition to vagina. You’re right, I did miss out on an opportunity. BUT that just means I’ll have to use them next time! 😀

      Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be fine once all this bullshit is said and done. I’m just so fed up with all of it at the moment, especially because all of these issues popped up out of nowhere.

      If I do start a food fight I’ll be sure to take pics for the blog!

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    1. I’m glad someone appreciates my weird title, haha. You are the second person to tell me that waffles make good frisbees. I feel like I will be testing this out soon…very soon…*evil laugh*


  3. Ahoy there matey! I am very sorry that ye are going through this week and the anxiety over the medical appointment. I know ye will survive (me crew always does) but it does not always mean it’s fun. Wednesday is the scary day fer me. I am now almost to the point where I get pissed at being anxious. This does make me want to throw things. Stay strong. Continue to be awesome. Loved the post name!
    x The Captain

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    1. Thank you, I’m finally starting to feel better about things and be less stressed. I’m sorry you’re going through an anxious time also. It’s going to be okay though, even if not right away. Stay strong. I’ll be thinking of you.

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  4. Nothing is ever fun when it comes to our lady parts, except for the fun stuff ;-P I had a friend with a horror story involving a biopsy after an abnormal pap result. I won’t go in to it because we want happy thoughts going to your healing and stress!

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