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Danielle @ Life of a Literary Nerd posted earlier today about the series she wants to catch up on in 2018. This made me think about all the series that I still need to catch up on and start. Realistically,  I won’t be able to get through all of them this year, but it’s nice to be a dreamer, isn’t it?

Side note: What is the plural or “series”? I believe “series” is one of those words that is both singular and plural, but it doesn’t sound correct when you use it in the plural form. Why isn’t it something like “serii” or “serieses?” Either of these would clearly be a better choice, so then the poor person you’re talking to doesn’t have to sit there and figure out how many series you’re talking about. Why isn’t one series just a “serie?” That would make more sense, although potentially problematic. You’d be talking about this great new “serie” you just discovered and then Siri would chime in and start giving you restaurant recommendations because she’d think you were summoning her…

These are a few of the serieses I’d like to read in the upcoming year:

  • The Grishaversa series by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Darker Shade of Magic series by V.E. Schwab
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – This is one I need to finish, as I’ve only read the first book.
  • The Neverknight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff
  • The Throne of Glass series by Sarah Maas – To be honest, the blurb on the back of this one doesn’t scream “Read me!” but I loved Maas’ other series, so I feel like I should give it a shot.



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