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Saturday Snuggles

I’m in a little bit of a funk today. I’m not really sure what my problem is, maybe I’ve just been cooped up in the house too much. Or maybe I’m coming down with kangaroo pox. I sure hope it’s not the latter, because I’m not sure if it’ll be covered by my insurance. The boyfriend is currently cooking something that smells like feet and he’s expecting me to eat it later. (We’ll see about that.) Seriously, guys, it’s pretty gross…

Despite my funk, today hasn’t been all that bad though. There have been lots of snuggles with the fur babies. Also, my copy of Cruel Prince finally arrived in the mail! Yay.

How’s your Saturday going? What have you been up to? 


(Merlin clearly doesn’t mind my kangaroo pox.)




7 thoughts on “Saturday Snuggles

  1. Well, it is now Sunday and I have just disovered your blogg and blogging period. Was glad to find someone likeable that is a fan of Jenny Lawson. I look forward to your book reviews and hope you are feeling better today. Thats a beautiful fur baby you have. Feel better!

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