The Birthday Boy!

Today is Beaker’s 13th birthday! I can’t believe that my little man is so old already. I couldn’t have asked for a better sidekick all these years. I have no idea what I would do without this dog.

In honor of Beaker’s birthday, here are a few pictures of him, being his sleepy and silly little self. (I took the one on the bottom just a few days ago. Obviously, he and Merlin are getting along well.)

11 thoughts on “The Birthday Boy!

    1. He said thank you. At least, he would have if he could hear a damned thing I said. (He’s mostly deaf.) He’s just happy because I gave him chicken for dinner.


  1. Chicken is good. We had a “puppy” for 14 years. Best damn dog we ever had. Trained us as much as we trained her. Broke my heart when she passed. Had a couple of rescues since then, but not the same. Looking for a 3 – 4 year old smallish hound or terrier to bring home and spoil now.

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  2. My dog is also approaching 13 and he spends a lot of his time curled up asleep – it’s his default position and in fact what he’s currently doing.
    Happy birthday to your little chap.
    Lynn 😀

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