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Traveling Solo


I don’t know what the weather is like where all of you live, but it’s COLD here this week. The temps have dropped to the teens and 20s, which is pretty low for Charlotte. People keep pointing out that I’m from New Jersey. “Shouldn’t you be used to this?” I don’t care where I am from, 20 degrees is still freaking cold. Plus, I’ve been living down South for approximately 11 years now and I have gone a bit soft. I will, however, still walk around complaining that they’re cancelling school because it’s cold. In my day we whippersnappers went to the school even if there was 3 feet of snow. And we walked to the bus stop. Kids these days. They don’t know how easy they have it. *angrily waves cane above my head*

I’ve been thinking about travel recently, which really has nothing to do with the weather (although I do kind of wish I was anywhere but here somewhere warmer right now). The company I work for is pretty generous with the amount of PTO that we are given each year. I’ve been at the company for almost 2 years now and, with the exception of the Canada trip last summer, I’ve used most of my days off just hanging out at home. I would really like to start doing things with my time off, rather than just be a hermit. This is where it gets tricky though.

I’ve been on plenty of vacations throughout my life, but all of them have been with family. Any trips I’ve taken by myself were trips to go visit family or friends in Florida. I don’t have a ton of money, but I do realize that there are lots of places I can go and things I can do that won’t break the bank. Even if I can find affordable things to do, I admit that I am still intimidated. My anxiety can make traveling stressful to begin with and, truthfully, I don’t know if that will be worsened if I am traveling alone. For all I know, it could actually be a really liberating experience for me and I could love it. (I could end up running through the streets, flashing my tits during Mardi Gras, yelling “I’m free!” You never know.)


Part of me feels like I might enjoy some solo travel. I am a pretty introverted person. I like my alone time and I like being able to find quiet activities. If I take a trip by myself I can get a massage, wander around a bookstore for 5 hours, or sit in a cafe and just relax until my heart is content. (No more climbing mountains or crying in the middle of glaciers, thankyouverymuch.) I’ve been thinking about attending BookCon in June. I don’t really know what you do there, but it sounds like something I might enjoy. Plus, I am not entirely unfamiliar with NYC, given how often I used to visit when I was growing up. I haven’t been to NYC in probably 9-10 years and I would love to go check out some places that I’ve never had the chance to visit.

Buuuut (here comes the anxiety creeping in) what if going by myself is scary? What if I get lost or mugged or something else terrible happens? Or what if I just hate being by myself and feel awkward the entire time? What if the zombie apocalypse finally happens and I get stuck in NYC with no escape plan? At least if you’re in your own home you have a slight advantage over the zombies. Should I carry a small machine gun with me in the event of the zombie apocalypse? Do they even make tiny machine guns? There’s a lot to consider.

What are your thoughts on solo travel? Have you done much of it? Is it something that you’ve generally enjoyed or was it weird? I’d love to hear about some of your experiences. 

3 thoughts on “Traveling Solo

  1. Am currently squealing because I’m from Charlotte! Also, you should definitely go to BookCon, it’s so much fun! I’m hoping to go back this year, I went once in 2014 and have been yearning to go back since because I LOVE the city!

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    1. Hello fellow Charlottean! That’s good to hear about BookCon. I’ve been seeing it advertised online, but I don’t know anybody else that’s been to it and could tell me if it’s worth it or not.

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      1. I definitely think it is, especially if you know others who are going and can really have fun taking advantage of all the panels and signings!

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