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Mini Book Review: Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself

I dislike self-help books. I’ve mentioned it enough times on my blog now that I won’t make you suffer through that rant again…Seriously though, why are self-help books usually so text-book like? Odds are, if you have a problem you already know what the problem is. You don’t need someone over-explaining anxiety to you. In fact, that in itself is likely to cause more anxiety. OMG, ARE WE GETTING GRADED ON THIS?!?! I DIDN’T STUDY.

Recently, during one of my frustrating visits to the self-help aisle, I picked up this tiny book:


It’s a compendium of stories and self-revelations submitted to by its readers. If you know me personally you are probably laughing right now, given that this is so not me. I am not the spiritual or enlightened type. I hate dislike yoga and anything that is remotely new-agey. I’ve never even been to and I don’t want my chi cleansed. When I saw the title and cover of this book I almost put it immediately back on the shelf. Given that I was in a messy state that evening, having just lost my cat, I clearly wasn’t thinking properly. I flipped through a few of the stories, expecting them to be spiritual and full of all those things I typically scoff at, but was incorrect. (Funny how things can surprise you when you let go of your preconceived notions for a moment, no?) Enough of what I saw resonated with me that I decided to bite the bullet and just take the tiny little Buddha book home with me…and hide it so that nobody would laugh.

The stories shared in this book all share a common theme: learning to love and accept yourself. They’re about letting go of negativity, embracing your flaws, learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and letting go of the need to seek approval from others. I won’t say that this book changed my life of anything, but some of the stories definitely spoke to me and offered good advice. This is definitely a good tool to refer to when I am having a bad body image day or being hard on myself.

I recommend checking it out if you’re ever in need of a boost.

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