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Book Review: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


My Rating: 10 out of 5 stars

First, I would just like to say one thing: JENNY LAWSON IS AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING DELIGHTI love her. I don’t know her in real life, but I wish I did so I could hug her for writing this book.

Furiously Happy is a book about being just that. Living your life being furiously happy, despite the bane of mental illness following you everywhere you go. Lawson brilliantly illustrates this concept with brilliant anecdotes about overly excited, taxidermied raccoons that are so hilarious they had me laughing out loud in public places. (If you don’t fall in love with her immediately upon reading this story, you should probably just put the book down at that point.)

The book is broken down into individual stories, rather than long chapters, which makes it very accessible. The stories detail some of the outrageous situations Lawson has been in and how her mental health has come into play. She doesn’t sugar coat any of the struggle that comes with depression and anxiety, but finds a way to present it in a more humorous, light-hearted manner instead. There wasn’t a single thing in this book that I haven’t been able to relate to at some point or another. The ups, the downs, the fear, the panic, the irrationality, the horrible shit your brain tells you late at night…it’s all there, but it’s nicely wrapped up in a fuzzy koala suit.

The dialogue between Jenny and her husband, Victor, were absurdly endearing. (This would also be an excellent read for anyone in a relationship with somebody who struggles with mental illness.) Her sense of humor is so out there at times that you can’t help but chuckle.

In addition to humor, there is amazing advice in this book, some of which comes from the author herself and some of which had been handed down to her. I found myself flagging several passages in the book that I already know I will be re-reading again and again.

People have claimed that this book has saved their lives and I can totally see why. While I’ve struggled a good deal this past year, I am not currently standing out on a ledge. As someone who has visited that ledge frequently, however, I know that this book too will also help keep me grounded and will help me during future dark periods.

Whether you struggle with mental health issues or not, read this book. Buy it for everyone you know. Scream it’s praises from the rooftops. And most of all, be furiously fucking happy.

10 thoughts on “Book Review: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

  1. Nice to hear about a mental illness book written by someone on the inside of this disease. I’m so tired of books telling people how to live with folks like me and not telling me how to live with me. Thanks for the great review and if you don’t already follow her blog she goes by “The Bloggess”. I found her the WordPress reader some time ago. Peace, B

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    1. “I’m so tired of books telling people how to live with folks like me and not telling me how to live with me.” I love what you said here. It’s so true. I found her blog recently and have been devouring it since. I am so glad I gave this book a chance.

      I hope you survived last night! 😉


      1. Thanks.. But actually tomorrow is the problem. Dinner has been moved to 4pm so that makes it even more difficult to have Christmas for the little girls on Xmas eve with the rest of the family. But we’ll make it work. I’ll have more beer than needed and piss somebody off and we’ll leave early. As we said in the Army it’s a SNAFU. Situation Normal, All Fucked Up! Glad you found her blog I’ve been enjoying it for a while. Peace, B

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      2. Well, good luck! I am not super excited about our “dinner” (which has been moved to 1:00) either. But hey, there will be a giant ham. So there’s another potential situation in which I might get to throw meat at somebody. *fingers crossed*

        I hope you get to relax and enjoy yourself at some point.


      3. I have a ham dinner tomorrow as well. Unfortunately ham does not travel as well as good bones. I will have some stuffed mushroom caps that may make some good ammo, but since wifey is making them I doubt I can get away with launching them. However, if you get to toss a few off, please let me know. I need the usual launching particulars. Angle of launch, velocity etc.. I have some short ribs for Xmas day, so we’ll see how they do! Peace, B

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    1. Nice review! I am glad you enjoyed this book as much as I did. I am currently trying to force EVERYONE I know to read it, also. (I’m also starting to wonder where I might be able to acquire my own taxidermy raccoon.)

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