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Wine + Doctor Who (A Dangerous Combination)

Hello lovely folks! I hope you’re all having a nice, relaxing weekend so far. I am currently hanging out with a glass of wine and some new crafty projects to keep me busy. (I’ve actually been contemplating opening an Etsy shop to see if I can sell some of the decorative items I create. I’m not super familiar with Etsy though, so I can’t decide if this is a good idea or not. Anyone have any feedback that they would like to offer? I’d greatly appreciate it.)

Sadly, the book I have been anxiously awaiting isn’t arriving for a couple of more days, so I’ve had to dive into something else after my last read. This is what I am currently reading:


Have any of you read this? I typically don’t read books based off of shows/movies that I like, but I decided to give this one a shot as it was on clearance for $6.00. There are actually quite a few Doctor Who books out there. If I enjoy this one I may have to give some of the others a chance.

I’m not really sure why I’ve avoided books like this in the past. Technically it’s no different than seeing a movie that’s based off a book you’ve already read. Given that the book is often way better than the movie, it would seem logical that this would be the case here. I can’t really report on whether or not that is accurate yet, but we’ll see how it pans out.

Speaking of Doctor Who…I am somewhat embarrassed that I actually didn’t see any of the last season. It hasn’t been made available on Amazon Prime yet, so I’ve been shit out of luck. To be honest, I’m not all that upset about it. Peter Capaldi isn’t my favorite Doctor. I found his previous seasons to be somewhat disappointing, although some of that may also be due to the fact that I wasn’t a fan of Clara either.


What do you think about the twelfth Doctor, fellow Whovians? What about this past season? Have I missed out on anything good?

You know who I really miss? David Tennant. The tenth Doctor was my first Doctor and will forever be my favorite. I loved what David Tennant did with his iteration of the Doctor. The brilliant, yet witty persona was the perfect balance of seriousness and fun. He always had on-screen chemistry with his companions, whether romantic or not. His performance never felt fake or too over-the-top. Several of my favorite episodes of the show were Tennant episodes. (Silence in the Library being my first and favorite episode ever.) Plus, it helped that he was kind of adorable.


I’m going to stop now. I realize that what was supposed to be a very brief check in has turned into a ramble about The Doctor and how yummy David Tennant is. Must be the wine talking. 😉

9 thoughts on “Wine + Doctor Who (A Dangerous Combination)

  1. I miss Matt Smith. He wasn’t my first, but he is my favourite.

    But, yes, you are missing something with this season. I haven’t been a fan of Capaldi either, until this season. He really turned into something pretty good. He’s not going to make my top 3 Doctor’s list or anything, but he’s been good enough that I’m actually going to miss him. And if you liked the Master half as much as I did, you NEED to get into this season.

    BUT, I’m really interested to see what Jodie is going to do in the role. I feel pretty optimistic about it. Lots and lots of potential there.

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    1. Matt Smith was great. He had such a light, whimsical personality.

      I definitely need to find somewhere to watch the latest season. I’ve heard it was better than Capaldi’s previous seasons and that I would probably enjoy it more. I’ve always liked the rivalry between the Doctor and the Master.

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  2. I was just thinking about David Tenant the other day! Midnight was on TV so I stayed up late to watch it, and I miss his episodes!! He was my first Doctor, so that might have something to do with it, but I also felt like he had such a great personality and brought so much depth to the character!

    I haven’t really seen any of Capaldi’s episodes, but I’ve been meaning to since they came out. I just need the time to watch them!

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  3. I think Tennant did better work after Doctor Who; I thought he was good on DW but great in Jessica Jones and Broadchurch. My favorite Doctors were Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston because they had a goofiness that made me believe they really were aliens instead of a super-talented guy.

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    1. Eccleston and Smith were great also, I loved both of their performances. I had a hard time getting used to Capaldi because his personality was so different than the previous 3 Doctors. He finally grew on me in this last season though.

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