Bookish Habits

Hi there. Are you still with me? After yesterday’s erratic post I wouldn’t blame some of you if you stopped following me. 😛

Let’s get back to books today, shall we? I’ve seen some posts recently on other’s bookish habits and it’s made me think about what my own habits are in terms of books and reading. Most of them are pretty normal…I think? Maybe not, maybe they are a little quirky. I have no idea. Give them a read and tell me what you think.

  • I don’t always finish books – I used to be one of those people that just had to finish a book. Part of it was due to the fact that I was afraid I’d be missing out on something if I stopped reading it. The other part was the feeling of being a “failure” for giving up. I’ve forced my way through plenty of bad books in the past, all for nothing. Over the last couple of years I’ve finally given myself permission to stop reading a book if I’m not feeling it. There are too many good books out there waiting to be read.


  • I go to the bookstore regularly just to look at the books – I spend the majority of my lunch breaks at Barnes & Noble, which is conveniently located right down the street from my office. This is my happy place. Barnes & Noble is at the top of my list for places that make me really fucking happy. (It’s right up there with Disney World.) Most of the time I just browse while I’m there. Even if I know I’m not going to buy anything I just like to look at the books. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment. It’s like being among friends. (Actually, it’s probably better because the books are quieter.)


  • I read the blurbs on the back cover a dozen times before deciding whether to buy a book or not – I can literally pick up the same book a dozen times, read the blurb on the back, and stick it back on the shelf before deciding whether or not I am going to get it. It can be something that I already know I want to read, but I’m still going to do this anyway. Sometimes this occurs during the same visit to the bookstore, other times I’ll spread it out over a couple of visits.
  • I prefer that my books match – If I have a hardcover version of a book, the other books in the series also have to be hardcover.
  • I carry a book in my purse at ALL times – Even if I know I won’t be reading it (like when I’m at work), it’s still coming with me. Just for emergency purposes.


  • I have hangups about integrating my books with someone else’s – Read my recent post for a better explanation.


What are some of your weird (or not-so-weird) bookish habits?



9 thoughts on “Bookish Habits

  1. I know this is probably a common one, but, I get really upset with myself if I crack the spine. People who borrow my books get read the riot act about not cracking my spines.

    If I’m reading part of a series I tend to not to read the series in a row for some irrational fear of making myself sick of said series. That’s one I’m trying to change though, since I also always want to go back and re-read the first books of series before continuing on to the new ones.

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  2. Love the post! I personally am completely obsessed with book dust jackets. I hate hate hate when the edge of the jacket gets bent or has a slight rip. Sends me into a nonsensical rage. I will also never, ever loan out a book. Last time I did was seven years ago and I never got it back. She doesn’t know where it is or remember reading it. Never again. Loved that book and can’t find one to replace it with the same cover. Much frustration.

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    1. I HATE lending out books and will find every excuse not to. My boyfriend asks to borrow my books all the time and I have to make him swear on his life to keep them safe before agreeing to let him borrow it. (and we live together, lol)


  3. I’m horrible about lending out books because half the time they don’t come back, so basically you need to sign your life away in blood before you’re taking one from me now.

    I used to be fanatical about spine-cracking and things of that nature but I’ve gotten a little more lax over the year as there are more and more books that I write notes in and mark favorite sections of so I can find them easily, etc. I still don’t *like* to break the spine and try not to do it, but I don’t freak out as much anymore.

    I have a book inventory. One that I keep on my phone so I don’t buy the same book over and over and over again. It needs to be updated, but I have it.

    If it’s a favorite book, I have to own pretty much all the versions of it (except audiobook – not an audiobook fan). I have probably 10-12 different versions of “The Secret Garden” because it’s one of my top favorite books. Same with Harry Potter, tho’ not as many versions at this point, but paperback and hardcover for all 7.

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    1. I have multiple versions of my favorite books also. I have a few different versions of Harry Potter, few Romeo & Juliets, and like 10 different copies of Jane Eyre.

      I hate when the spine of a book gets cracked, but oddly enough I don’t mind bending down the corners of the pages (just the tips!) to make note of things I really enjoyed. Not sure how this is any less destructive than a cracked spine though, lol.

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