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Wave Your Weird Flag!

As part of his 365 day challenge, James wrote a post yesterday on what makes him a “weirdo.” I wasn’t even halfway through his post before I realized that I had to accept his challenge and write about my own weirdness.

I accepted the fact that I’m a weirdo a long time ago. There have been periods during my life when I tried to hide it and just wanted to be “normal” like everyone else, but that ship has long since sailed. Being the same as everyone else is boring. None of the people that are close to me are normal by any means. If they were I probably wouldn’t find them as interesting or want to hang out with them. If I was normal they probably wouldn’t want to hang out with me either. Being weird just makes life more interesting.

So, let’s talk about a few of the things that make me weird 🙂

  • Sleeping with a blanket at all times – I have to sleep with some sort of blanket/covering over me at all times. I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees and the air conditioner is broken. I’m still sleeping with the damned blanket.
  • My random fear of ladders – I don’t have a fear of heights. I pole dance in my spare time, meaning I regularly hang upside down from the top of a metal pole with no mat underneath me. Ladders though? You can’t pay me to climb higher than the first step on a ladder. I can’t even explain that one.
  • I make weird faces all the time – I randomly make goofy faces at people all day, simply because I enjoy it.

  • Tearing my food into pieces – I tear  a lot of foods apart into pieces before eating them. (Sandwiches, breads, granola bars, cookies, bananas, etc.) For some reason I am physically incapable of biting into a cookie or a banana. I have to break it apart with my hands first and then eat the pieces. Yes, sometimes this makes a bigger mess than it would be to just eat it normally.
  • Costumes! – I love making and wearing costumes. I would wear costumes all the time if it was appropriate. I make/wear costumes for my dance shows, Halloween, the Renaissance Faire, and this adult/exotic club we go to periodically. We need more costume-themed bars and restaurants so that I can just go out in costume all the time.


Do you consider yourself weird? Do you embrace it or try to hide it? 

8 thoughts on “Wave Your Weird Flag!

  1. I worked with a guy who arranged his chips in size order before he would eat them. I still with “Whatever you do – DON’T let the veggie juice touch anything else!” I should use one of those kid divider plates. I also frequently ask restaurants to prepare my sandwiches with the bread on the side. They look at me like I’m a look every time so I explain that I loathe soggy bread. Usually that works but I’m sure they are instagramming my sandwich madness before they hand it over! Loved this post!

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