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Easy Reads for Hard Times

This week is shaping up to be a stressful one. Typically when I am stressed or going through some emotional turmoil I have a difficult time reading. It’s easy for me to lose focus on things that require a lot of effort when my mind is already putting all of its energy into something that’s bothering me. That being said, I do recognize the importance of trying to unwind and disconnect from the stress so as not to go completely insane. I’m already a little insane. I don’t need to go full on crazy 😉

I’ve been thinking of revisiting some books that are lighthearted and “easy.” That way, I can still enjoy reading without feeling like it’s something that I am trying to force myself through.

These are a few favorites for when I need something light, but entertaining:

What kind of books do you read when you’re stressed out? 


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