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On Reading Children’s Literature

I came across an article on Bookstr this weekend that I really enjoyed. It was about children’s literature and how much people can learn from it, even as adults. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I still read “children’s” books. One of the books I started working on a few years ago was intended to be a middle grade (ages 8-12) book. During that time, not having read middle grade fiction in years, I decided that I needed to familiarize myself with “children’s literature” again.

I don’t remember exactly what I expected, but I imagine it was simple story lines and juvenile dialogue. To my surprise, what I found exceeded my expectations by tenfold. I was amazed at the rich, creative stories and the complexities of the characters involved. The stories weren’t just fun, but they were smart and funny, also. They discussed valuable life lessons without being preachy; lessons on love, friendship,  family, trust, courage, honesty, empathy, acceptance, etc. Until I started reading children’s books again, I never realized how much of this is lacking from adult literature. Perhaps it is assumed that once we grow up we’ve already learned all of these lessons, therefore, we no longer need to be reminded of them. I don’t know about everyone else, but personally, I feel like no matter how old you are, you are never too old to keep learning or to be reminded what things are truly important in life.

If you haven’t picked up any children’s literature lately, I highly suggest you give it a chance.


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