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Most Disappointing Books: 2016


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling – Being a huge Potterhead, I was excited about the Cursed Child coming out. I will admit that I was a tad worried that it wouldn’t be quite the same as my beloved Harry Potter series, given that it’s a play and not an actual book, but I was still optimistic. Sadly, I was right. *sobs* The overall plot wasn’t bad, but there were a lot of inconsistencies and missing pieces. The new characters (like Harry’s son Albus and Draco’s son Scorpius) were interesting, but the characters we already know were incredibly disappointing. I hate to say this, but the older version of Harry was so dull!  It lacked all the depth and detail that the original stories possessed. It definitely didn’t feel like the 8th book in the series, like J.K. claimed, it was more like a less exciting piece of fan fiction.


The Magicians by Lev Grossman – So many people told me that I would like this book. I wanted to like it, I really wanted to. The reviews made it sound like a more mature version of Harry Potter. Aside from the school of magic and amateur magicians, the similarities between the two stopped. The protagonist, Quentin, was boring, sulky, and selfish. He went from living an average, shitty existence in the “normal” world to learning how to do magic and he was still miserable all the time.(It’s exactly how I’d picture Holden Caufield in Disney World.) I only made it halfway through the book both times I attempted to read it.


The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – This book felt way too similar to a dozen other YA books I’ve read. Dystopian environment with a totalitarian ruling class? Check. Predictible love triangle? Female protagonist who never knew how “special” she was? Check. Zzzzzzzzz.


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