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*crickets chirping*

I am not good at introductions. When people first meet me I am introverted and as socially awkward as they come (unless there is alcohol involved, in which case I am both awkward and loud). Once you get to know me a little better I let all the crazy hang out and you can’t shut me up…Since we haven’t quite reached that point yet, lets just skip the introductions altogether and dive into it, shall we?

I started this blog a year ago, back when I was reading all the time and in the midst of writing a children’s book. The plan was to blog about my progress with the book and the books I had been reading. I had planned to read quite a few books and to be halfway done with the book by now. But, alas…my life has changed quite a bit since then. Divorce is never an easy situation. In the past year I’ve moved out and, for the first time in my life, began living alone. I got a “real” job and left behind everything I’d known for the past ten years. Some of the changes that occurred have been scary and mentally exhausting, thus eating up most of my creativity. Progress on the book has come to a halt and barely a dent has been made in my TBR pile. As frustrating as all of that that has been, life hasn’t been all bad. I have made many new friends, had some fun experiences, and met a wonderful man that I am now dating. I have had plenty of time to reflect and learn things about myself and have finally reached a point where I feel like things are starting to make sense again.

That being said, this is my attempt to re-immerse myself in the world of books and writing. I am hoping to find inspiration again, that little spark of creativity that will fill the small void that still remains in my heart. Wish me luck.

Any suggestions? What helps you find creativity again after a dry spell? 

3 thoughts on “Prelude

  1. All the best jumping back in! It’s always so difficult tog et back into the swing of things, isn’t it?
    What always helps me get going again is just committing to it. I’m going to read X amount each day, or post X number of times this week. The first few are hard, but then you start remembering what you loved about doing it, and it comes back.

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